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Product samples for Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

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2012 Memorabilia
1. Firefly Lighting has established a partnership with ALDI.
2. Our company continued to win the Venezuela Government CFL Bidding.
3. We have become the LED bulbs provider of SAMSUNG.
4. Also, our company is the exclusive agent of SAMSUNG Lighting in China.
5. Firefly Asia Pacific was founded in Australia, in November 2012.
6. Firefly Asia Pacific has been approved by Victoria Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) for trading in Carbon Credits in Australia.
7. Approved by ACTIBA (Australia Carbon Tax Incentive Business Assessment), Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. & Firefly Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. are planned to create incentives for energy conservation by winning the trust of 6.5 million clients requiring business and residential lighting solutions.
8. Firefly Asia Pacific & Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. are in the second stage of getting the permission of UNGM (United Nation Global Market Place) to be a UN supplier.

2011 Memorabilia
1. Our company was shortlisted for "Semiconductor Lighting Products Application, Indoor Use" Project.
2. LED chandelier started to be sold in the market of North American.
3. Our LED bulb began to be sold in Japanese market and Canadian market.
4. Firefly Red Cross Volunteers was built up.
5. Actress Li Bingbing was invited as the ambassador of Firefly by our company.
6. Our LED night light appeared in the Wal-Mart U.S.
7. We were awarded as the "China Green Lighting Education & Demonstration Base".
8. Our company was the winner of "High Efficiency & Energy Saving Lighting Promotion Project".
9. We were granted with "Xiamen TOP 10 Employers".
10. The "Green Lighting Project for Mexican government" bidding was achieved by us.
11. We have obtained the glory of "Famous Trademark of China".
12. Firefly Group won the Venezuela Government CFL Bidding.

2010 Memorabilia
1. Won the bid of Semiconductor Lighting Products Application Project with In-door use LED products
2. Nov 1st 2010. Firefly Lighting's LED Bulb is listed in the CE and UL approval; it indicates that Firefly Lighting's LED products are ready for Europe and North America market.
3. Oct 2010. Firefly Lighting took part in Energy Star Partnership Meeting which was held in Denver, USA.
4. June 1st 2010. Firefly Eco-Park was founded in Xiamen, China. It's the first eco-park focus on children education in China.
5. June 2010. China Minmetals Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd was established in Jiangxi, China.
6. May 2010. Firefly Lighting North America, was established in Florida, USA.
7. Mar 2010 .Firefly Lighting (Jiang¡-xi) Co., Ltd is founded in March, 2010 after associating with the world Top 500 Company-China Minmetals Corporation.
8. 2010 Won Bangladesh Government Bidding.
9. 2010 Won the auction of Carrefour Permanent and OUI collection. Built up business relationship with Carrefour GSA
10. 2010, Won the bid of High Efficiency and Energy Saving Lighting Promotion Project issued by National Development & Reform Commission again.

2009 Memorabilia
1. 2009 Won Venezuela Government Bidding, successful on total 50Million pcs CFL order
2. 2009 Won the bid of High Efficiency and Energy Saving Lighting Promotion Project issued by National Development & Reform Commission

2008 Memorabilia
1. December 2008, Xiamen Firefly Lighting succeeded in the qualification of Kingfisher audit. It indicates that Firefly Lighting is highly approbated by Europe market.
2. November 2008, Firefly Lighting's high efficient energy saving lamp products are listed in government purchase manual by Nation Development and Reform Commission.
3. October 18, 2008, by 8 years striving, Firefly lighting at last won the CFL dumping code in European Union so that the Europe market would be opened again finally.
Thus, Firefly Lighting's willpower and the strong social responsibility spirit are highly appraised by the government, the fellow trader and society.
4. September 2008, new OLED lab has been established and will be operated. Next Generation of Light Source came out from Firefly Lighting and faced to the world.
5. March 2008, Firefly Lighting has developed to a group company including Xiamen Firefly Lighting, Zhangzhou Firefly Lighting, Jiangsu Firefly Lighting, Zhongguang Firefly lamp factory and Xiamen Firefly lighting equipment factory, five subsidiary corporations.

2007 Memorabilia
1. In June, our Deputy Director, Mr.He Runlin, was awarded as "The Talented Elite of Xiamen City".
2. In June, our chairman Mr.Jia Qiang was elected as the first chairman of Xiamen Credit Association.
3. On June 1, "The family of staff", organized by our company's Labor Union,was awarded as "The excellent family of staff" by Xiamen Labor Union.
4. In April, our company was awarded as "2005-2006 excellent keeping Contract and Credit Company" title by Fujian Industry and Commerce Bureau.
5. In April, our company was awarded as "2005-2006 excellent keeping Contract and Credit Company" title by Xiamen government.
6. In April, our chairman Mr.Jia Qiang, was elected as the member of Xiamen CPPCC.
7. On March 6, our chairman Mr.Jia Qiang, was awarded as "The excellent socialistic builder of Xiamen City" by the government.

2005 Memorabilia of FIREFLY LIGHTING
1. On Dec.31st, FIREFLY held the 2006 New Year Festival Evening ceremoniously at the factory.
4. On Nov.,1st, FIREFLY start up to implement and manage the production with the Enterprise Resource Planning system, in order to improve the management of current FIREFLY situation.
5. On Aug.,16th, FIREFLY held a press conference and appointed Mr.Wen Xingyu, who is a famous director and comedian in China as the prolocutor.
6. On Aug., FIREFLY be awarded THE FAMOUS BRAND OF FUJIAN PROVINCE by Fujian Brand Evaluating Committee.
7. On July,14th, FIREFLY established the Xiamen Firefly branch of China Communist Party.
8. On Jun.2nd, FIREFLY have got agreement with SIEMENS OSRAM about the property of "Firefly" brand, our company have the permanent property of "Firefly" brand for lighting products.
9. On May, FIREFLY be awarded THE BEST ABIDE CONTRACT AND CREDIT COMPANY of the year 2003-2004 by Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau Fujian Province.
10. On Apr., FIREFLY be awarded THE FAMOUS BRAND OF XIAMEN CITY by Xiamen Brand Evaluating Committee, and obtained RMB30, 000 supporting fund from government for development.

2004 Memorabilia of FIREFLY LIGHTING
1.2004 Being one of ten famous lighting brands in China.

2002 Memorabilia of FIREFLY LIGHTING
1. 2002 Cooperation with EU Anti-dumping re-investigation.
2. 2002 Be supplier of Wal-Mart, Carrefour & Metro in China.

1999 Memorabilia of FIREFLY LIGHTING
1. 1999 Set up its own burner manufacturing factory.

1997 Memorabilia of FIREFLY LIGHTING
1. 1997 The first container for EU market was shipped.

1995 Established Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd.

Other Products
  • LED Globe Bulb The LED globe bulb adopts the omni-directional illumination pattern and could provide 300 degree viewing angle. It can take place of the common incandescent light perfectly.
    The dimmable range of this bulb is between 3% and 100%.
  • LED ECO U-bulb The LED Eco U-bulb is perfectly designed as the replacement for the compact fluorescent lamps. You can introduce the LED technology into the down lights and fixtures. The directional emitted lights have more efficient ...
  • LED CandleThe LED candle comes in the flame-tip shape. Its patent lens allows the LED to give out three-dimension light in multiple directions. This hardy bulb can be used on decorative chandelier lighting, wall sconces and lamps ...
  • LED Spot LightThe LED spot light could be directly used as the replacement for the comparable wattage Halogen MR16 lamps. The heat sink adopted by this product is made of synthetic materials with good heat dissipation.