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Product samples for Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

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LED Street Light

LED Street Light

1. The LED street light adopts modern aesthetic design and is characterized by simplicity, compact structure and attractive appearance.
2. The light introduces the module design, which allows the air easier to cool the heat sink, making the lamp easier to maintain.
3. This product uses high energy efficient driver to ensure its low power consumption.
4. Neither does it contain such hazardous substances as mercury or lead, nor does it emit ultraviolet light that cause harm to human skin.

  Item No. Power Voltage Input Power Power Factor CCT Luminous Flux CRI IP Length Diameter
FLSL FLSL-1006WW 60W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 60W >0.95 WW (3000K) 4800LM Ra75 IP65 511mm 315mm
FLSL-1006NW 60W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 60W >0.95 NW (4000K) 5100LM Ra75 IP65 511mm 315mm
FLSL-1006PW 60W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 60W >0.95 PW (6000K) 5400LM Ra70 IP65 511mm 315mm
FLSL-1009WW 90W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 60W >0.95 WW (3000K) 6200LM Ra75 IP65 602mm 315mm
FLSL-1009NW 90W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 90W >0.95 NW (4000K) 7650LM Ra75 IP65 602mm 315mm
FLSL-1009PW 90W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 90W >0.95 PW (6000K) 8100LM Ra70 IP65 602mm 315mm
FLSL-1012WW 120W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 120W >0.95 WW (3000K) 9000LM Ra75 IP65 693mm 315mm
FLSL-1012NW 120W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 120W >0.95 NW (4000K) 9600LM Ra75 IP65 693mm 315mm
FLSL-1012PW 120W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 120W >0.95 PW (6000K) 10200LM Ra70 IP65 693mm 315mm
FLSL-1015WW 150W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 150W >0.95 WW (3000K) 12000LM Ra75 IP65 784mm 315mm
FLSL-1015NW 150W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 150W >0.95 NW (4000K) 12750LM Ra75 IP65 784mm 315mm
FLSL-1015PW 150W AC100~240V (50/60HZ) 150W >0.95 PW (6000K) 13500LM Ra70 IP65 784mm 315mm
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