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LED Down Light

LED Down Light

1. The LED down light can be easily installed in the most standard recessed housings for retrofits and new construction.
2. This type of light is specially designed for residential houses and has different color rings for special atmosphere to meet your needs.
3. This light can work as long as 35,000Hrs.
4. This product can normally work within this operating temperature range from -25℃ to +45℃.

  Item No. Power Voltage CCT Luminous Flux Lumen Efficiency CRI Cut Out Diameter
FLDL FLDL4-B10-10W 10W 100V~127V 220V~240V 2700K~6500K 420~700lm 70lm/W 80 105mm 126+2mm
FLDL5-B15-15W 15W 100V~127V 220V~240V 2700K~6500K 840~1120lm 70lm/W 80 155mm 176+2mm
FLDL8-B20-20W 20W 100V~127V 220V~240V 2700K~6500K 1260~1540lm 70lm/W 80 205mm 228+2mm
FLDL10-B30-30W 30W 100V~127V 220V~240V 2700K~6500K 1680~2100lm 70lm/W 80 260mm 278+2mm
Length: 65+2mm
*Multi color options for replacing Deco rings.
It is easy to install by way of the screw-in and screw-out action.
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