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Socket, Switch

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Socket, switch is mainly applied indoors for the convenient use of electrical equipment. Socket, switch is arranged in line with features of the indoor electrical equipment and furniture placement. It should not be installed in the environment which is too low and wet. Moreover, waterproof measures are needed.

Socket, switch is important electric element for processing circuit, fire protection, etc. in our daily lives.


Item No. Specification
Ck621 2 Gang 1 Way Switch with Light
Ck622 2 Gang 2 Way Switch with Light

Established in 1995, our company is a major manufacturer and supplier of socket, switch in China. Our electric parts have high quality and long service life.

Socket, Switch

Therefore, they have been widely applied in house, office, etc. In order to better meet various market needs, we also manufacture ballast and rechargeable lamp, and can customize in line with clients' requirements. If you have any questions about our electric parts, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to be at your service.

CFL: 3000 pieces (all with color temperature consistency and same type of light base), a 20'ft container at least.
LED: 1000 pieces (all with color temperature consistency and same type of light base)

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