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Fluorescent Tube Light

Fluorescent Tube Light

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Fluorescent tube light is the kind of light fixture that activates mercury vapor in argon or neon to form plasma and radiate short wave ultraviolet which makes phosphorus give out fluorescent light.

Compared with traditional light bulb (incandescent bulb) of the same luminance, Fluorescent tube light has higher luminous efficiency. A higher proportion of energy consumed is transformed into visible light. A small proportion of energy is transformed into heat and is wasted, so the temperature of working fluorescent tube light is lower than that of incandescent bulb. Generally, f incandescent bulb can only transform 10% of the energy into visible light, which is 3 to 4 times that of fluorescent tube light. Moreover, its service life is 10 to 20 times that of traditional light bulb. Besides, it saves a lot more energy and electricity for you. In addition, its long service life enables customers to save costs for changing light bulbs.

T8 fluorescent tube light
Fluorescent lamps require a starter to preheat cathodes before starting thereby permitting more economical ballast designs. Its long life, high lumen output and low initial cost make it one of the most widely used lighting sources.
Straight Fluorescent tube is the most economical solution for general lighting applications. The lamp tube walls are internally coated with high quality triphosphor powder producing a high light output and excellent color rendition. It can be operated by electronic or magnetic ballast.

Direction for use
Use with light fixture


Item No. Wattage Color Temperature Luminous Flux Product Dimension(mm) Carton Size(cm) Pcs/Ctn
FT10/T8 10W 2700/4000/6500K 380/380/350 331.3*26 57.5*36.5*30 200
FT15/T8 15W 2700/4000/6500K 970/970/900 437.4*26 47*30.5*31 100
FT18/T8 18W 2700/4000/6500K 1560/1480/1450 589.8*26 62.5*30.5*31 100
FT30/T8 30W 2700/4000/6500K 2540/2400/2300 894.6*26 92.5*16*16.5 25
FT36/T8 36W 2700/4000/6500K 3450/3350/3200 1199.4*26 123*16*16.5 25
FT58/T8 58W 2700/4000/6500K 5400/5300/5000 1500*26 155*16*16.5 25

Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of fluorescent tube light in China. Since the establishment, our company has been dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of products including energy saving lamp, indoor lighting, tube light, etc. Our products are reliable, economical and easy to use. Therefore, they have been well received by customers in Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

CFL: 3000 pieces (all with color temperature consistency and same type of light base), a 20'ft container at least.
LED: 1000 pieces (all with color temperature consistency and same type of light base)

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