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LED Tube

LED Tube

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Environmentally-friendly
Traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor. If the lamp is broken, the mercury vapor will volatilize into the air. LED tube contains no such poisonous materials as mercury, lead, etc. Therefore, it is universally accepted as green light in the 21st century.
2. Low heat productivity, energy saving and long service life
Traditional lamps produce a lot of heat. Power consumption of LED tube is less than 1/3 that of traditional fluorescent lamp, while its service life is 10 times that of traditional fluorescent lamp. Moreover, their luminance is almost the same. Generally, the service life of LED tube is over 30000 hours and it can save over 70% electricity.
3. Noise-free
LED tube won't cause noise. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the occasions where sophisticated electronic equipment is used. Moreover, it can also be applied in library, office, shopping mall, etc.
4. Excellent durability
LED lamp body is made of epoxy in stead of glass. Therefore, it is more durable and reliable. It won't easily break even dropped onto the floor. Thus you can fully rest assured to use it.
5. Sound versatility
It has the same overall dimensions as traditional fluorescent. Therefore, it can replace traditional lamps.

Our LED tube is mainly applied for commercial lighting in office, hotel, supermarket, etc.


Item No. FLT8-22W
Power 22W
Voltage 100-127V/ 220-240V
Dimmable NO
Base G13
CCT 2700K/6500K
CRI >80
Beam Angle >270D
Luminous Intensity 1600lm/1750lm
Size L1218mm

CFL: 3000 pieces (all with color temperature consistency and same type of light base), a 20'ft container at least.
LED: 1000 pieces (all with color temperature consistency and same type of light base)

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